Tips on choosing chest of drawers

If you are looking for a piece of furniture to store your extra items in, and complement your other bedroom furniture at the same time then a chest of drawers would be a great choice. This versatile furniture can accommodate most of our clothes and sometimes even accessories. In order to help you select a stunning chest of drawers we have put together a few tips that you might find useful.


It might be a great idea to buy a chest of drawers that match with the furniture in your bedroom. But it is also not a crime to go for something that is totally different from what you already have. Choosing a differently styled chest of drawers could be a great idea as this furniture could be used as a statement piece in your room. If you are not very sure on what style to pick, go for the simple and neutral colored dressing drawers.

Material used

The material used to make your chest of drawers play a major role not only on the appearance of the item but on the whole look of your room as well. Wood is a more versatile material as it fits in well in both contemporary and classic style. This type of chest drawers tend to be more sturdy and durable. If you have a smaller space, there are modern chest of drawers that feature a mirrored look that make the room seem a bit bigger as they are less imposing. If you are going for a minimalist look, darker colors and neutral shades make a great choice. For different types of chest drawers, check out (


Some dressing drawers come with extra features which can prove to be very useful especially for busier homes. For instance it would be even better to have a drawer that has castors for easier movement when cleaning beneath it or when you want to re-arrange the room. If you don’t want your furniture drawers to get scratched or stained, select one that features a glass top.

More tips to consider

  • Size- buy a chest of drawers that is of the correct size to fit in the space available.
  • Ensure the fittings on the drawers are of high quality.
  • Work within your budget.
  • Shape and number of drawers will be determined by the symmetry of your room and your storage needs.
  • Eco-friendly- select dressing drawers that are made of safe materials.
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